Update on Sunflower cutter

Last week I did a review of this thread cutter from sunflower-quilts.com……

Several people mentioned that it wasn’t sharp enough and that they were disappointed with it.

My original thought for today was that I would try to sharpen it with a bead reamer.

BUT….as I looked at the design of the tool, I realized what the problem was!!

If you look at the blade really closely, you see that it slants from one side to the other…..

IF you hold the pieces so that the thread falls on the lower side of the slant, there is not much cutting surface that will ever touch the threads…..

This positioning would make you feel that it was dull.

However, if you place the tool so that your threads are starting at the upper side of the blade and sliding all the way down it, there is PLENTY of cutting surface……..

….and the threads cut like butter!!

I did several tests on this and it made SO MUCH DIFFERENCE!!!!

If you have had trouble with it before, I HIGHLY urge you to try again but, this time, be cognizant of where the thread is traveling inside the cutter.


Thread cutter review

It has been a while since I reviewed a product and, since I found myself using this one so much, I decided that we needed to take a look at it.

It is the Thread Cutter from Sunflower-quilts.com ….

….and it made my recent piecing adventure much faster and easier!!

Here is a video demonstrating this fun tool……

If you do a lot of chain-piecing, this might be JUST the tool that you need!!!


After this was posted, several people mentioned that the tool was dull and that they were disappointed in it. Check out this post to learn more about how to best take advantage of the cutting surface!!