Teddy Pruett – part 2

A few more of the older quilts that Teddy showed……


She showed how she had taken this quilt top……DSC02566

and cut out the best of the blocks to use in this wonderful quilt……DSC02567


This quilt was a little hard to photograph but it is a lovely mixture of white, off-white and cream fabrics, trims,  crochet and whatever she could find…..

DSC02593 ….and she gave it the perfect name…..”White Trash”!!!!

This next design we know as the Apple Core or Hatchet…


…..but Teddy calls it the “Panty Crotch” quilt.

One of her friends made this miniature version that she calls the “Barbie Panty” quilt…..


She used all of her orphan blocks to make this…..


She showed this UGLY shirt…..


….that she used to make this…..DSC02575

She recycled old Crewel Embroidery art into this wonderful quilt…..DSC02602 (I think that I once made the small chair on the bottom left)….


This was her ode to housework……DSC02610

This is her quilt about cooking…….


…..complete with the cooking diva with stove-top knob eyes…..DSC02634

There were lots of others, but I will leave you with one more…..

This is “Church Ladies” that celebrates good old-fashioned gospel music……

DSC02619 The really fun part of this is that the choir robes are made from Crown Royal bags….


If you cant tell, it was a fun evening with MUCH laughter.  AND, I have never heard our guild give a longer ovation at the end.

Thank you Teddy for coming our way!!!!

A fun evening with Teddy Pruett

Last week our guild hosted Teddy Pruett from Lake City, Florida.  You can check out her blog here…..


By profession, she is a quilt appraiser, but she is also an excellent speaker and story teller and her quilts are magnificent stories in themselves.

She spent much of the evening talking about recycling old fabrics, many from unusable, un-quilted tops that she purchases as she finds them. 

As an example, she purchased several rows of blocks that had too much bias in them to ever use in a quilt …..DSC02570

She took those half-square triangles and cut them down to make this piece….


Another great example was her use of a curtain similar to this one….

DSC02597 that was used as a starting point for this quilt…..DSC02598

She also showed some interesting antique quilts that she had picked up along the way.

This one used corset fabric to piece the designs….


And this traditional quilt.  the blue leaves are actually green fabrics that had faded to blue over the years……DSC02555

This one was amazing…..


She noted that as an appraiser, she sees many, many quilts using the same traditional designs.  Since this can be a bit boring, she loves to find traditional patterns that aren’t quite so traditional……


Like this amazing use of stripes…..DSC02553 

or these VERY interesting circles….DSC02564 

with one orphan block in the setting……DSC02565 This double wedding ring sort of disappears and then reappears depending on where you look on the quilt and how long you stare at it…..


She has named this quilt “Grandmother’s Soccer Balls”  because obviously the creator got tired of making flowers and allowed them to morph…..


And we all howled at this  version of the Sunbonnet Sue…..DSC02588

….to be continued…….