Feeding Time


I was able to set up my video camera on a tripod today and caught a few minutes of “Daddy’s Feeding Time”……

A fun welcome home…..

We arrived home from Kunming, China on Wednesday morning (3:30am to  be exact)!!!!  We had a good trip, but made a decision NOT to make a move there, so we returned a week early.

On Wednesday morning I looked thru the sheer curtain on my front door and saw two little birds busily working around my door wreath.  I walked outside and found  two flowers on the front porch and this nest……


It has happened before, but I normally pull out the bits and dont let the birds get this far along.  I couldn’t stand to make them start over again, so instead I installed a note on the front porch…….

_5215536…..and another one on the inside of the door to stop us from opening it!!!


Then this afternoon, my husband announced that there was an egg…..

_5215535I hope that the birds will be able to make this a wonderful home for their hatchling, but we will see how it goes.