What a weekend!!!!

Michael and I are relaxing in our recliners, watching TV and reminiscing about how perfect our Daughter’s wedding weekend was!!!

The festivities got started on Friday with the Bridal Luncheon.  One of Jenny’s bridesmaids offered to organize the invitations and handle the decorations…..IMG_4479.JPGJenny was gorgeous …..

img_4499.jpg….it was a fun and relaxing way to kick things off and the cupcakes were to die for…..


In the afternoon there were lights to be hung….


….and new friends to meet…..


The rehearsal went without a hitch…..img_8024.jpg

…and Michael managed to entertain Jenny as they practiced walking down the rather steep aisle!!img_8009.jpg

After a few photos…..img_8152.jpg

IMG_8147…we headed a few blocks over for the Rehearsal Dinner.   As usual for these dinners, the speeches were the highlight…..img_8184.jpg

Saturday morning started early for the girls with hair and makeup while the guys enjoyed breakfast out and just chilling around the hotel.  And before we knew it, it was time to get ready…..



The final touch was the veil and she was out the door…..

56285214_10109762163537860_7773843071493472256_n-e1554079410400.jpgJenny and Kevin chose to do a “First Glance” and see each other before the ceremony.  That also meant that all of the photos could be done prior to the event and that they could get to the reception much faster.   It proved to be a really great idea….55935602_10109762163298340_237370112166854656_n.jpg

This photo was taken by Jenny’s Matron of Honor…..can you tell that she is a photographer!!!  All of the photos that follow were taken by Amber, my Daugher-In-Law.  I am so thankful that she did this as I got to the end of the night and realized that I hadn’t taken any at all!!!

The chapel is on the University of Georgia campus and is a gorgeous venue. And, because the weather was MAGNIFICENT, they decided to do many of the photos on the front steps…..

IMG_2991.jpgBecause of it’s beauty, Jenny decided to keep the decorations simple…..


The ceremony was flawless…..img_3004.jpg

…and we were soon on our way to party…..

IMG_3005.jpgThe reception was at a local music venue with amazing decorations……IMG_3012.jpg

The Father-Daugher dance was one of my favorite moments of the evening…..img_3063-1.jpg


….followed by Kevin and Jenny’s first dance…..

img_3075-1.jpgAt this point, all of the “work” part of the day was over and we could just enjoy spending time with family and friends!! ….

IMG_3087.jpg Michael and I even spent a few minutes watching Texas Tech make their way into the Final Four!!  One of my friends chided me about watching a basketball game at my daughter’s wedding and I reminded her that Jenny would be here with us if she wasn’t busy!!!

We love this photo of all four of our kids!!!!


It was a fun and magical day and we are so thankful to have Kevin be a part of the Arnold family now, even though Michael did warn him several years ago to “run away” from this crazy family.

This final photo sums up the day……


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ripley!!!

Wedding Photo Fun


Well, we are getting over our WONDERFULLY fun weekend where we celebrated our son’s marriage to this wonderful young lady……._7176214

Son, Brian, gives us his “Jazz Hands”……


Hubby, Michael,  and I are enjoying the hour prior to the event….. _7176198

May I present……Mr.  and Mrs. Brian Arnold……


Me with three of my very best friends…..thanks ladies for making it a special night……



Our two kids…..Jenny and Brian……we are so proud of both of them!!!!_7176264 

Bye guys…..have a wonderful Honeymoon!!!!_7176316  

Today we took the Mother’s back to the airport and packed for a trip to Louisiana starting tomorrow.  Michael has received a grant from the National Science Foundation to do research on the effects of the oil spill on a naturally occurring population of Louisiana Irises, so we are off to find OIL!!!

SOMEDAY, I will get back to sewing….. but I really dont have any regrets about how I have spent my time!!!!!!