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Wedding Photo Fun


Well, we are getting over our WONDERFULLY fun weekend where we celebrated our son’s marriage to this wonderful young lady……._7176214

Son, Brian, gives us his “Jazz Hands”……


Hubby, Michael,  and I are enjoying the hour prior to the event….. _7176198

May I present……Mr.  and Mrs. Brian Arnold……


Me with three of my very best friends…..thanks ladies for making it a special night……



Our two kids…..Jenny and Brian……we are so proud of both of them!!!!_7176264 

Bye guys…..have a wonderful Honeymoon!!!!_7176316  

Today we took the Mother’s back to the airport and packed for a trip to Louisiana starting tomorrow.  Michael has received a grant from the National Science Foundation to do research on the effects of the oil spill on a naturally occurring population of Louisiana Irises, so we are off to find OIL!!!

SOMEDAY, I will get back to sewing….. but I really dont have any regrets about how I have spent my time!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Photo Fun

  1. Thank you for sharing the day with us. They are a beautiful couple. You must have been so proud.

  2. Everyone looks as if they were having a great time and what a lovely couple your Son and Daughter in Law make – thanks for sharing the photos. Enjoy the oil hunt in Louisiana.

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