Quilts and Other Stuff from Frances

Day 22 – Wednesday, May 16th

Today was a house cleaning day …..yuck!!! Actually, it didn’t take very long and I spent a good bit of the day shopping and just relaxing around the house. Michael took the bus to Heathrow Airport to pick up Jenny and Jimmy (her boyfriend). They arrived at our house about 9:00…..tired and starved!!!

The story of the day is from a local newspaper…..

“Mobile phone users in East Prawle, Devon’s most southerly village, are to get a special “mounting block” to enable them to make calls from the only spot where they can get a signal – 2 feet off the ground. Until now, they have been clambering on a wooden bench – which is showing signs of wear and tear from so much use.”

The weather announcers proclaimed today to be “Damp and Dull” and they hit the mark. We are amazed at how quickly the weather changes here. One minute it is sunny and warm, then rainy and cold, then windy and warm and then back to rainy…..and that is all within a 15 minute period!!!! I guess that it has to do with the fact that they are a fairly small island and the winds from the oceans blow strange weather in. The basis lesson to learn here is that if you waited for the weather to be perfect, you would never do anything, so just take a raincoat and umbrella and get out there!!!

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