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Quilts from 2006

Here are some of the quilts that I made during 2006……….

This small quilt was made as a Christmas present for Michael’s
Brother and Sister-in-Law. It was a re-make of a quilt made many years ago.

This small quilt was made for Michael’s Sister and Brother-in-Law.

This quilt was a present for Danny and Ruth Eves, friends from Australia. Every year on December 26th, they attend the start of the “Sydney/Hobart” yacht race, and this piece reminded me of that event.

“Orange You Glad She’s Wearing A Mask?”

Our guild held a challenge in June of 2006, entitled “Orange You Glad It’s Not Pink”. The rules were that the piece had to be predominantly orange and had to be twice as long as it was wide.

I began this piece by using Colorsticks and rubbing plates to create the square images. The idea for the mask just appeared when I was arranging the blocks to try to make it fit the size requirement.

This quilt was awarded a First Place ribbon in the “Orange Challenge” category at the Cotton Patch Quilter’s 2007 show.

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