Quilts and Other Stuff from Frances

Specialty Photo Quilts

I became very interested in using photos in quilts and came up with these
three possibilities…..

“Eye-Full” Perspective”

We spent a wonderful July morning at the Eiffel tower, taking loads of photos from the top. Afterwards, we sat on the grass and enjoyed looking up at the tower

Once home my husband put these photos onto his computer as a screen saver. I devised the idea for this quilt as I watched the photos scroll past.

The Eiffel and photos are printed, but the lower part of the quilt is made using machine “Air Applique”.

The girl is daughter, Jenny, and I am particularly happy with how her hair turned out!!!

“No Barriers”

Jenny had the opportunity to spend 3 weeks in Australia as a part of “May-mester” at the University of Georgia. She brought back numerous photos from their time underwater on the great barrier reef.

This small quilt is a fun mix of photos, fabric and machine thread painting.

“When Hobbies Collide”

I made this quilt when I was preparing for a talk about using photos in quilts. I wanted an excuse to print lots of photos using “Bubble Jet Set” and my inkjet printer.

The photos are of flowers from my garden.

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