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Church Banners

Over the years, I have made a series of banners for my local church. Our previous banners were made of felt and didn’t seem to hold up over the years . Instead, I made the banners in more of a quilt-type style so that they could be stored easier.

Here are some of the results…….

I made these two banners with a stained glass window in mind.

They were made with strip piecing on paper, and are not quilted

The only problem I had was working with the bias and making
them hang flat!! The tops were attached to a heavier upholstery fabric to try to solve this problem.

I made a double of this one and they hang on each side of the stage.
It was based on a quilt in the book “Quilts From Europe” by Gul Laporte

I used a number of poly-cotton fabrics as the colors were more intense than the 100% cottons.

The back is simply a piece of cotton fabric and there is no quilting

These three banners are spread behind the stage.

The background is an upholstery fabric with the design fused on to it. The appliques are attached with monofilament thread.

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