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Day 1 – Wednesday (June 11th)

Our trip to the airport was relatively uneventful, just one changed seat assignment and a pilot who came out and made a long announcement about why the plane was delayed……they were having trouble with one of the engines and needed to do an extended test on it!!! WHY do they even tell you these things…..I could have gone all day without knowing that.

As we were getting onto the plane, there was a baby carriage, complete with baby, sitting on the airbridge, just outside of the plane. Michael pointed to it and looked quizzically at the steward standing at the door. He answered (in thick French accent) “no boarding pass…..and I don’t speak Russian!!. We all had a laugh and it ended up that he was serving on our area, so we got to interact with him several times…..he told us that he liked our spirit. One lady was sprawled over her seat and part of the aisle and he asked her “Madame, are you comfortable!!!”.

We also had a laugh with one of the security people in Paris. As we were going through the security line, he asked if we were together……we answered, yes, but how did you guess?

We arrived in Paris and found a wonderful cheese baguette for breakfast, along with the requisite Double Espresso for Michael, and Pepsi Light for me. We found out that our cell phones don’t have international service, even though we called to get it before we left. We will look into it further when we get settled in Bangalore.

As I close this first diary entry, I note that the sign says that we are boarding in 15 minutes, but yet the plane is not here yet…..should prove interesting!!

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