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No photos again……

Sorry, but we are back to not being able to post photos. The guest house that we are staying in doesn’t have enough internet speed, so Sukumar (the professor Michael is visiting) has allowed me to use his computer.

Unfortunately, it wont give me an option for inputing photos!!!!

I dont know that I will be able to post for several days…..possibly until we get back. We will leave the Indian Institute for Science early on Thursday morning to drive to Tamal Nadu (not sure how it is spelled). Sukumar has arranged for someone to drive us there, leaving detailed instructions as to which places for us to stop at. When we get there, we will be staying in the Nilgere forest and will supposedly see much in the way of wildlife.

I will keep writing the journal and will post as soon as I can.

So, until then………..

2 thoughts on “No photos again……

  1. Hi there Frances!I am living vicariously through you-how exciting to be going to such a different place. I’m afraid I would be a little afraid to try the food–tummy troubles, ya know! I’m enjoying your commentary…but at 2 in the morning?!!We’ll have to have lunch when you get back so I can get the whole story!Me

  2. Frances, I feel like I’m in India with you…you write beautifully. I’m stuffed just reading about all of that wonderful food. You have fine hosts, too. You must give a lecture about your experiences when you get back so that we can live it with you. My blog is at http://www.anitaheadyfiberarts.blogspot.com for updates. Thanks!Anita

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