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Day 13 – Monday, June 23rd

As I post this last series of photos, we are sitting in the Charles De Gaulle airport, waiting for our final flight to Atlanta. We are both at the stage of wanting to be able to simply blink and be finished with the trip.

We have been very fortunate with our flights in that there have been no delays and we hope that trend continues for a few more hours at least!!!!

We arrive back in the US around 5:30 today



Monkey being fed by one neighbor while the man next door beats them off with a stick…..think that the monkeys are getting mixed messages!!

Ironing in the Banaswadi neighborhood. The last time we spoke with them, they said that the iron weighed 7 kilos….about 15 pounds!!

Michael in front of our neighborhood guest house.

The lit houses of parliament

Milking the cow on a Monday morning. Note the sign behind the cow that says “Keep the city clean and green”….also note the large pile of poop behind the cow!!

Workers cleaning and sorting the silk cocoons.

The ONLY time that our car was safe….when the driver was missing!!!!

An ox cart driver who was very excited that we were taking his photo. He stopped and waved to us.

Pouring out the sugar syrup to let it cool.

The Mysore Palace

The Keshava temple

John (the elephant) crossing the road in the Mudumalai Tiger Preserve

A small (3 year old) wild elephant

Suresh (foreground) and his crew measure and record the tree sizes in the forest.

2 thoughts on “Day 13 – Monday, June 23rd

  1. Sounds like you had quite an interesting trip – can’t wait to hear more about it when we get together for lunch again. Are you still jetlagged?

  2. Frances, you write a great blog. Now that you’re home, how will I know what you’re up to? I’ll see you soon!Anita

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