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Day 20 – Sunday, November 9th

Wow…someone actually came to see the Arnolds!!!

This Sunday, we attended church at Tuggeranong Baptist Church which was our church home for the six years that we lived in Canberra. It was wonderful to catch up with several old friends at the service. Leslie Purdy (our old pastor’s wife) invited us to their house for lunch so we had a great time catching up with she and Laurie. As with all of our friends, they looked a bit older, but the craziness was still there.

We then went back to Jenny’s house where she had organized an Afternoon Tea for people to come and spend time with us. It was a great way to catch up with a lot of people at one time. We greatly enjoyed seeing Peter and Diane Churchill, Liz Quinton, Stuart and Chris Hogben, Sylvia Hawe, Lindsay Grigg and Betty Phillips. Many of the women were into quilting, so the group finally split with the men in the living room and women in the kitchen where we had a really good tongue-wag.

It was a great day of reminiscing, laughing, and hearing about our friend’s lives.

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