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Reorganization (again)

A few weeks ago I was doing my round of the blogs and seeing what various people had posted about. One blogger (sorry I dont remember who) talked about a new way to fold her fabrics and referenced a You-Tube Video that showed this new system. Check it out here……

The idea was to fold the fabric in half from selvage to selvage and then roll it over a 6-1/2 inch ruler. When you get it rolled, you pull out the ruler and fold the piece in half.

Anyway, back to my story…… I am very happy with the way that my color groupings of fabrics work….they are folded and stored in plastic boxes. It is very easy for me to pull out the box and look for the color that I need. However, I knew that there were several boxes of fabrics that didn’t easily fall into a color category and I felt like I was missing those fabrics because I would forget to look in those particular boxes.

SO, I took all of my larger pieces (2yards and larger) and all of those “too many colors to categorize” fabrics and folded them in the above manner. The only difference that I made was that I used an 8 inch ruler as my guide. It made the pieces a little bit wider, but not as fat.

Here is the finished result. I really enjoyed handling the fabrics and now have a few new quilts in mind to use some of those pieces.

2 thoughts on “Reorganization (again)

  1. Ah, I have caused you a lot of work, but it sure looks nice, I’m glad if I was the influence. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am still folding and rediscovering fabric that I can’t imagine ever getting into a shopping cart of mine. Yuk! but I have found some real treasures too. I guess this is the upside other than neatness. Carline

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