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What I SHOULD have been doing yesterday!!!

Actually the title is not entirely correct…..I spent yesterday organizing my stash (see last post), when I should have been doing tax returns!!

However, at the end of the day, I spent about 30 minutes doing something that I have wanted to do for about a year. I took three of my needle felting pieces that I made over a year ago and framed them and got them ready to put into our Guild Show Boutique.

Until now I have HATED framing pieces because I didn’t feel that they had a professional appearance, especially on the back …but that has now changed.

I did some research and found a tool that allows you to put the brads in the back of the frame to hold the piece in properly. The tool is a Picture Frame Fitting Tool and is made by Logan products.

It works great and I think that it makes my pieces look a lot better.

Now for the pieces….here are the three that I framed this evening and I am happy with how they look…that is a first!!!

2 thoughts on “What I SHOULD have been doing yesterday!!!

  1. Your pieces look great framed. Thanks for the information about the tool. I used to make all my own frames and although I now buy most of them this would certainly make life easier.

  2. Nice felted pieces, Frances. I’ll look for these at the show. Where can we purchase this tool? Bill wants to frame some of his rust dyed pieces and this might make it easier for him.

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