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Home Again

We returned to Georgia on Sunday evening and are back into the swing of life again. We had a good time in Portugal, but it is always good to get home again.

I can now reveal my challenge piece since we had our Guild showing last night. The theme for the challenge was “Blooming “Pokka” Dot”, and was to be made entirely of polka-dot fabrics.

My original idea was to make a wonderful basket of flowers, or maybe two or three. I had considered 3-dimensional flowers, even trying a few from a borrowed book.

BUT….when it comes to challenge quilts, I have trouble getting excited about them until the inspiration strikes me, and in this case the inspiration fairy had a sick sense of humor!!!!

As I kept on thinking about the title of the challenge, I kept coming back to “poking” dots, so here is the finished product……

I am fairly new to surface embellishments and enjoyed starting out with using a few buttons in this piece. I had originally planned to make more dots and attach them with springs, but I couldn’t find any that were the correct strength (strong enough to hold them up, but loose enough to still have movement), so I moved on to buttons.

There were 22 challenges in all and, as usual, it was fun to see how each of us interpreted the challenge.

One thought on “Home Again

  1. Great play on words, Frances, and wonderful detail. I especially like the way the polka dots swirl on the blue flower.

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