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A new way to write a blog

While reading another blog, I saw someone mention “Microsoft Live Writer” as an easy method of writing a blog, so I downloaded it yesterday and tried it out on yesterday’s post. IT IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

You can easily insert photos and they go exactly where you want them to!!! You can move them to the right or left of the page and can wrap text with just the click of your mouse.

Go here to download the program.

When you first open the program, it asks information about your blog and then goes into it and pulls all of your settings, lists, etc.

After you write your post, you tell it to publish and the program posts it for you, along with all photos, special effects and labels.

I understand that there is a mobile version as well so that you can post from your phone….I will check that out soon too.

Have fun blogging the new and improved way!!!

Bye for now.

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