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A Day at the North Georgia Folk Festival

Saturday was spent as a demonstrator at the North Georgia Folk Festival in Athens, Georgia.  Myself and several guild members set up a booth and proceeded to teach adults and kids about quilting.    We were one of approximately 20 vendors and demonstrators, not to mention a lot of fun bands and good music.    Here are some photos that capture  the fun of the day……

_A102810 (2)

_A102873 (2) _A102826 (2)

_A102831 (2)

_A102838 (2)_A102867 (2)_A102868 (2)_A102899 (2)_A102908 (2)_A102816 (2)_A102820 (2)_A102855 (2)_A102912 (2)

2 thoughts on “A Day at the North Georgia Folk Festival

  1. The booth looks wonderful, Frances! I can't see any rain drops, so that's good. Looks like your blue stairs quilt is done. P.S. The 400 series is waiting for you at my house or Bill will drop it off. TTYL

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