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Halloween Harvest


P4211101 (2) This is the quilt that adorns my entryway during the month of  October.  It was made in 1995 and was a LOT of fun to make!!!   I  had tons of Halloween patterns that I was dying to use so I decided to use them all.  I picked out the patterns, determined the sizes and then worked with graph paper to figure out where to place them on the quilt.

It is funny how quilts evoke memories of when they were made.  In this case, I remember how excited my kids (ages 8 and 10) were about the upcoming holiday.  I also remember that my husband, Michael, was doing a lot of deer hunting during this time and he would often leave super early in the morning and I would get up and sew before anyone else got up.

It was also the first time that I   had used a striped fabric for the binding and I was particularly happy with the result.

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