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Sneak Peak – Part 2

Continuing on from the last post……

After I got the photo pattern ready,  I put together a full size pattern.   This was done by printing out the photo using the poster function so that it printed onto 4 pieces of paper (2 by 2).  I then used a fine point Sharpie to draw around the shapes.  The ink leaked thru the paper so that the lines were also visible on the back.  I re-traced these lines, giving me a reverse image pattern.

This 2 by 2 pattern was taken to the copier and copied again using the poster function set at 3 by 3 pages.  This brought it to the final size …approximately 50 inches square.

Here is the final “reverse image” pattern…….


I decided to start out by working on the train background…..seat, floor, etc.  I figured that those were the easiest parts to do and I could put off the harder (realistic people) parts till later.

I visited my local quilt shop (Dragonfly Quilt Shop) to pick up a few fabrics.  The first that I found was a Kaffe Fassett


As I mentioned in a previous post, I felt that it was a bit too bright so I over-dyed it with black to tone it down a bit.

As I worked on the seat, I realized that the bottom edge needed to be darker than the rest of the seat, so I over-dyed another piece….this time making it MUCH darker.

I also had a bright idea to place a seam in the fabric in the place where the seat would meet the seat-back. 

_A072801 (2)

I then began working on the base of the seat and the floor, but after piecing the first set of fabrics, I realized that the colors were wrong.  I had forgotten that this part of the picture  had come from a different photo and probably wouldn’t be in cream tones, but rather in silvers and grays.  So, after an unsuccessful  try at over-dying the entire section, I ended up starting over with different fabrics.

The next step  was to put together the window.  I decided to use one of the over-dyed fabrics as the window….I may add some quilting to it to show a bit more motion. 

All of this section was appliqued, using the Hand-applique by machine technique._A082803 (2)

The word “Underground” was printed onto fabric and then appliqued onto the window.  All of the window ledges were appliqued in place as well.  

I have used a brown for the door on the far right, but am thinking that I will change it to a silver tone before the project is finished.

I have not done much work on the upper section because I am not completely happy with my fabric choice, nor with the printed Underground map.  It just doesn’t fit right there….looks too small, so I may have to do some manipulations to it in Photoshop and try printing it out again.

So this is where I will stop the story again……next step is the boy on the left!!

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peak – Part 2

  1. Wow, Frances this is going to look so good. We are going to London on Wednesday to see the Moctezuma exhibition at the British Museum, we will be travelling by tube quite a bit back and forth- do you need any other/more photos?

  2. This is SO fascinating! It's all a little beyond me, starting with photo shop, but I'm loving all the techniques you've used so far! (I hope you list them all when you're finished)! This will be one amazing quilt and I'm so enjoying watching the progression!

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