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Sneak Peak – Part 3

OK, now it is time to start on the people and boy was I nervous.  The thought of making them look realistic was very daunting.  However, I again turned to Photoshop Elements and found a function called “Poster Edges”.  This takes the photo and marks the places where the color changes, which showed me where the shadows and other areas of fabric change needed to be.

I started with the young man on the left.  Here is the original  photo and the “posterized” version.


Boy - Poster copy

I was able to use this version to decide on the placement of the flesh toned fabrics.

Many of the details will be added as threadwork or quilting.  This version will also help me to decide where to place the wrinkles in the clothing.


I decided that I wasn’t happy with his shoes, so went online and found a drawing of a pair of shoes and I inserted those instead of sneakers.  I was having a hard time getting the shoes to look right and then discovered that I had them on the wrong feet!!!  I guess that is what happens when you are working on a reverse image pattern!!!

So, here he is….not yet sewn down, but in one piece. …..

_A212971 (2)

The freezer paper is still on the back of the fabric….I will not remove it until he is permanently attached to the background.

His arm is going to be leaning on an arm rest that I had forgotten until I looked at this picture.  A portion of his arm will also be obscured by a pole.

I cant decide whether or not I am going to put the letters that are on his shirt.  I probably should just to add some interest, but I can make that decision further down the road.

I am fairly happy with the result.  I sent a picture to my son’s girlfriend, who is a wonderful artist, and she said that all of the shadowing looked good so that was a great encouragement.  I will be starting soon on the woman…wonder if she will be any easier??????????

Until next time…….

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