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The name says it all!!!! Today I helped at a workshop presented by Kaffe Fassett and his partner, Brandon Mably. They are two extraordinary gentlemen and are amazing connoisseurs of color. The workshop was sponsored by Dragonfly Quilt Shop and today had 27 participants. The workshop began with Kaffe and Brandon talking about creativity and color. They worked hard to put people at their ease, but also told them that they would not hold back on their opinions when it came to design quandaries.

After some basic instructions, the ladies headed to their table and design wall and started working. Brandon scooted from wall to wall, helping the women make their first choices, while Kaffe watched from a distance. He even sat down and did a bit of knitting……gorgeous!!!!

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After about 20 minutes, Kaffe got back up and started slowly walking around the room and looking at what people were doing. He spent a great deal of time just staring at the designs on the wall and then would go up and make suggestions.


They encouraged the participants to not “think too much”, but to simply throw up a fabric and make a quick decision about whether or not it would work and then move onto the next one.


Brandon and the Kaffe cookies modeled after one of his fabrics.

Brandon turned on his I-Pod and I asked about how he chose the songs to play. He said that the playlists were arranged based on the age of the participants. He also said that the music helped the women to not talk as much. At one point there was a spontaneous chorus of “Yellow Submarine”, as everyone started singing along and Brandon happily conducted!!

I found it interesting to listen to the phrases that they used to get their points across. Here are a few of my favorites….

“I like this fabric because it has more intrigue”.”

“I think that you need to hike up your skirt and go shopping.”

“You need to lift this fabric or it will look like a pile of ash”

“Having that streak of blue on the yellows looks like mascara on a Whore.”

“That fabric is duller than old mop water”

“Purple and yellow are ghastly together. If you want someone to notice a sign, paint it with those colors.”

“If you make her do it (use a particular piece of fabric), you are going to have to buy her a bottle of Prozac.”

I also loved their descriptions of various colors……

…..Moldy Toast

….Old Sawdust

….Desert heat

…….Leather brown

…..Old dull purple

….Old 30’s knicker’s pink

…..inky grey

…..mustard yellow

…..flaming turquoise

I felt like the best comment of the all day was that you need to pick your colors so that they glow rather than eclipsing them!!

Here is a photo of one side of the room. It will give you an idea of what the workshop was about…..


I am about to leave to have dinner with them and then will help with the workshop again tomorrow……..such fun!!!

The train is still progressing….last night I did the little girl’s clothes and hair and hopefully can get her face done after dinner…….

More tomorrow………

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