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Kaffe – Day 2

Today I spent another day assisting with a Kaffe Fassett workshop. Last night I got to have dinner with he, Brandon and several of the people from Dragonfly Quilt Shop. It was a relaxing and enjoyable night!!! I found that Kaffe was much more relaxed and talkative during the evening, prompting me to believe that he “puts his game face on” when he enters a classroom.

Today’s workshop was the same design as yesterday, but he introduced it in a totally different manner. The results were just as magnificent as yesterday.

Once again, I enjoyed listening to his and Brandon’s choice of descriptive words, so here are a few more……

In describing what kinds of disasters you can come up with, he discussed quilts looking like “Minestrone soup” (too many colors), “Squashed Tomatoes” (too few fabrics or styles), and “Cat’s vomit” (not sure what causes this look).

In describing the color pallets used in the participant’s quilts, the follow terms were used…….instinctive and sensual, optimistic, elegant, jazzy cocktail dress, fresh and sparkly, smoldering, flittering with light, pure sunshine, playful, natural, strawberry shortcake, summer party, full of wonder and joy, and (his favorite) vintage trunk (meaning the fabrics look like they have come from old tablecloths, napkins, etc.

Some of the colors he described as Brown Sauce, Dark Rhubarb, Buttermilk Yellow, Moldy Wine, and Husky Red.

He encouraged them to “build their color scheme with passion” and to “get out of their brains”. He also suggested not using white for a design wall…. beiges and tans are a much better background for judging colors. He told them not to judge too early, but to let the quilt grow before they started editing and changing fabrics and placements. All of these were wonderful suggestions for the workshop, but also for our own quilts at home!!!

Here are a couple of photos of Brandon (on the left) and Kaffe (on the right) , hard at work ……

_A293177 (2) _A293178 (2)

And…..here is one of the Dragonfly staff and helpers……_A293219 (2)

I am in the back right, in the Turquoise shirt.

Another fun day….now onto the Train quilt again tomorrow. My husband returns from Portugal on Saturday and my quilt retreat will be over, so I am highly motivated!!!!!

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