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Station Break for the Train


I have had a wonderful time working on the train quilt over the last couple of weeks.  But, this weekend I have started feeling a bit anxious about some other projects that I need to get finished (or started and finished) before the end of the year, so I am planning to put it away for a time and try to get some other things done first……wish me luck!!!

I just had to include this picture and story……  _A303221 (2) On Friday morning, my phone rang at 6:30 and my daughter asked if she could come by the house before she went to work because she needed help with her hair.  Since she is 22 years old, I found this  curious until she informed me that she was dressing as “Pipi Longstocking” for work. 

So, 20 minutes later we had her hair “wired” and ready to go.   Apparently she added some freckles before she got to work. 

The funniest part was seeing her walking thru doors and running into the facing with her pigtail, or watching her try to get into her car!!   She said that she had to be VERY careful around her patients so that she didn’t hook them. 

I guess it is true what they say……your kids NEVER grow up!!!!

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