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One of the blogs that I follow, And Sew It Goes,  has joined one of the “Art Every Day” groups which encourages you to create something every day in the month of November and then blog about it.

This idea has fallen into  a crack that had been forming in  my brain and seems to have lodged there.  Over the last few months, I have been thinking about my need to branch out and try a lot of different types of art other than fiber.  As a result of these thoughts, I bought a spiral drawing book, a small selection of pens, drawing pencils and watercolor pencils (all on a clearance table at Walmart).

I did a few drawings about a month ago, but reading Terry’s blog convinced me to try to add something to the notebook on most days.  I dont consider myself to be an artist in the classic sense and have found this a bit hard to do.

The first examples were inspired by  Zentangle doodle art.  (I love the quote on their website….”You can do anything…one stroke at a time”).  The thing that I really like about this system was that you worked on a small scale  (3-1/2 inch squares or circles).  Here are some of the first doodles that I did…..9 1


8    3

I didn’t pick it up again until this past weekend and I started with a doodle on a larger scale.  In the green one, I dont like the border, but had started with it and didn’t want to get rid of it.   I am pleased with the red one which is made up entirely of the same basic shape….a simple leaf……


I also tried a pencil drawing of a funky vase in our living room.  Once again, it isn’t great, but I am glad that I tried it…….


Finally, today I pulled out the pastels that I have owned  for over 2o years and had fun with a quick design.  It was fun to do and I like the colors…..


Anyway, I hope that I can continue just by drawing at least one line in it each day.  I’ll keep you posted on the results….it is always good to have someone checking up on you!!!

3 thoughts on “Art Every Day

  1. These are great, Frances! It seems like a pencil extension of free motion quilting…and you're good at it. Here's a wonderful blog I found recently that may help you in your new quest: http://inkstainswithroni.blogspot.comThis blogger uses all kinds of art tools that I have never heard of and she has a tutorial on most days. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Michael!

  2. These are great. Thanks for the link. Now I know what people are doing with these doodles that I see. I may have to try it myself.

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