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Beaded Decorations……


My friend, Marilyn, who now lives in Brisbane, Australia started making beaded ornaments several years ago, and she has sent us a wonderful array of decorations.  Here are a couple for you to enjoy…….

_B283506 (2) _B283505 (2)

I met Marilyn while we were living in Canberra, Australia and we spent many hours together working on various projects at our church.  At the time I was leading a craft group at the church and her husband credits me…..or should I say accuses me……of being the start of Marilyn’s many craft efforts.

2 thoughts on “Beaded Decorations……

  1. I'm enjoying your posts about handmade ornaments. I think looking at ornaments and the memories associated with them is the best part of decorating.

  2. I have heard the story which gives you the blame but I wouldn't feel guilty. I think that Marilyn would have found her way in that direction anyway. However although she buys lots of fabric I still haven't really got her quilting yet. We should work on that…..From a friend of Marilyn's.

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