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A New Celebration


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         In the midst of all of the planning and hurrying toward Christmas, we got to celebrate our daughter Jenny’s graduation from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Education (Exercise and Sport Science).    It was a wonderful ceremony, with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates talking to the graduates about the importance of service….of the need to look for what you can DO rather than what can be done FOR you.  I think this is a great sentiment in today’s environment!!!!

We are very proud of both of our children and their accomplishments in this world and look forward to seeing their futures unfold.


Oh, and one more thing……anyone got a job that needs filling?????

2 thoughts on “A New Celebration

  1. What a lovely photo of the three of you, you have every right to be proud. I do agree with you about Robert Gates' sentiment and perhaps Christmas is a particularly good time to reflect upon it.

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