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Valentine Post Card

On Saturday, I spent a few minutes making a Valentine’s post card for one of my cousins.  She ALWAYS makes wonderful hand-made cards and sends them for every holiday, so I wanted to make something special for her.

Having never made a post card before, I did it by instinct rather than following directions.

The first step was to fuse two pieces of felt together and fuse a solid piece of fabric to the top.  


After picking fabrics from my scrap squares…….


I ironed wonder under hearts to them and cut them out.


After fusing them in place, I had a wonderful time playing with threads and quilting…..


The final step was a piece of fabric on the back, an address, stamp and off to the mailbox…

I hope that it arrives in good form and is a wonderful surprise!!!

3 thoughts on “Valentine Post Card

  1. Post cards can be totally addictive to make. I often don't want to start one, but when I do, I can think of so many ideas! That's what happened this year. Your first attempt is great. I like the brown and pink.

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