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More Charity Quilts

On Wednesday I attended the guild charity bee again and we enjoyed seeing two quilts that are finished and ready to be handed off to their respective charity organizations…..

Here is the one that was shown last week, but now it has been quilted and bound…..

_2033920 The next quilt is one that we started last autumn but has just now been quilted.  Once again we asked the guild members to provide pieces and the charity bee put the top together.  We ended up making lots of changes to the pattern to make it look better, with the corners being a royal pain.  After each round, I would take the top back to the group and we would decide what to do next.   In the long run it turned out to be a bright and fun quilt. 


The group was squaring up the quilt at the meeting and then Nancy (our binding saint) will finish off with the binding.

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