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Lake Oconee Quilters

Yesterday I attended (actually I joined) the February meeting of the Lake Oconee Quilters Guild.  They are a fun bunch of women and the meeting was wonderful. 

It began with show and tell……


…….and yes, those are toilet rolls.   Apparently the bee had a fun day!!!


…..isn’t this a beautiful quilt.  The only one that I ever made with brown and blue looked really dull, but this one absolutely shines!!!






….this was the block of the month.  The ladies did a wonderful job of picking fabric for these butterflies.








The speaker for the morning was Anita Heady (check her blog out here), speaking about “Stretching the String”.  She has made some wonderful samples of quilts made from strings.  Here are a few…..







…isn’t this a wonderful use of string blocks for a border….






Finally, isn’t this a beautiful stained glass window at the church…….


2 thoughts on “Lake Oconee Quilters

  1. Frances, sorry it took so long for me to come back and visit your blog, but I am so proud you posted my quilt. I hope my quilting can live up to your teaching. You got me going on quilt designs other than straight lines. Barbara Moran

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