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Kunming China…..here I come!!!

First of all, I am so sorry for not posting in the last couple of weeks.  We are leaving on Saturday for 10 days in Kunming, China.  My poor husband has to work during this time, but I am free to play….they are even providing me with a guide for part of the time!!!

I am planning to blog our travel diary (provided we have reliable internet).   If you are interested in following the trip, check out this blog site……

Mike and Frances Travel in the Yunnan Province

I promise to return to quilting and blogging once we return and I get caught up with taxes!!!


Thanks for your patience!!!!

2 thoughts on “Kunming China…..here I come!!!

  1. I'm so jealous. I have been to China a few times but never made it to Kunming. I want to go there though. I'll be interested to hear what you think of it.

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