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While in Kunming, I met  A-Ling, a young woman from the southwest part of Yunnan Province, near Myanmar.  We met at a dinner with a number of American Expatriates living in Kunming…..her husband is American.

We talked a bit about her fiber art (thru her husband since she doesn’t speak a lot of English and my Mandarin is non-existent).  They invited me to visit their home the next day and see some of her work.    Before I walked to her home, I looked at her website and saw some of the wonderful bags that she makes to sell.    This glimpse into her craft did not prepare me for what I would see.

She is currently making fiber art using “snippets” of fabric.  These are applied to the background canvas using a rice flour mixture.  On some, a small amount of stitching is added.

Here are a few of her wonderful pieces……

 _3124863 _3124865 This was my favorite piece and was one of the first that A-Ling made using this technique……

_3124867Look at the intricate shading that she is achieving on this work in progress……..


It was an eye-opening experience to meet A-Ling and to see her work!!!!

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