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Fun Workshops – Day 1


Friday and Saturday I had the privilege of spending the days in workshops with Margaret Hunt from South Carolina.  She is a renowned fiber artist and has won many ribbons and accolades.

The class on Friday was about using Portfolio Oil Pastels to color on fabrics.  These are water soluble so you can draw on the fabric and then brush with water to blend the colors.  Here are some photos from the day……

This is how the fabric looked before the water was added……


Now, brush on water and this is what you get……..


This little piece was quick and fun to do……..



Marilyn did this wonderful bunch of flowers…..I would love to take these to a sewing machine and add a lot of machine embellishment to them…..

Here, Margaret (center) watches Madeline work on her piece while Nancy and Francyne look on……..


After lunch, Margaret donned an apron and demonstrated the use of Seta colors to produce wonderful Sky Dyes……_4305076

This sunset is gorgeous……_4305090

Margaret was fun to watch because she worked quickly and didn’t worry about making a mess.  Her painting method was fun and free…..

Here are a few more of her pieces……._4305067


She even does some on paper……._4305066

Finally, I just had to take a photo of Anita taking a photo….check out her blog for more info about the day…….    _4305050

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