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Ahhh, the joys of traveling

Well, I am sitting in the Beijing airport waiting for our flight to Kunming…….

Our flight to Newark was uneventful and the flight to Beijing was on time so we were very happy about that. We paid extra money to sit in an exit row and boy was it worth it!!!! We had plenty of leg room and had room for our bags to sit with us as well.

They were having trouble with the reading lights on the plane, so I spent much of my time watching movies. The first one was “It’s Complicated” which was cute. The second one was “Avatar” and my kids were right…..it was great!!! The only problem is that I watched about 2 and 1/2 hours of the show and it was just getting to the big climax….you know….does the main character live or die. Well, the flight attendants come on with an announcement that they are having trouble with some of the monitors and that they are going to shut all of them down and re-boot. ARGH!!! I spent the next ten minutes trying to get back to the place where it stopped and then enjoyed the last 10 minutes of the show.

After we went thru customs in Beijing we made our way to the inter-airport shuttle bus. We started to get on, but it was so crowded and we decided to wait for the next one. One man on the bus motioned to us that there were a couple of spaces at the back of the bus, so we boarded and moved to the back. Then an airport official got on the bus, moved all of the bags and people around and escorted at least 10 other people on the bus as well.

When we arrived in the domestic terminal, we were met by a young man who escorted us to the ticket counter and to the security checkpoint. We must have looked REALLY lost!!!!

We got onto the internet to check email and decided to try out the new VPN (Virtual Private Network). This allows you to log onto the internet and it will look as if you are somewhere else in the world. Michael checked it out by logging onto Facebook and posting a message. When we were here previously we were blocked off of Facebook and Blogspot.

On our last two flights between Beijing and Kunming, we were interested that we were put on a row with another American or on a row by ourselves. We have laughed about the upcoming flight and wondering if we will be in a “whites only” row!!!! I will quit writing on this post for now and go join Michael at a strategic position very close to the gate. We have learned that they do not board the plane in a nice, orderly fashion but instead tend to rush the gate. Not to be outdone, the “Big Noses” (as they call us) will join the rush!!!!

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