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Traveling — part 2

Well, we were NOT on a “white only” row so I guess the other two times were just coincidence. The flight was good, but we both had trouble staying awake. We arrived in Kunming at 8:00 pm and were met by Doug and Jialin. They took us to the hotel and left us with a bag of Thai food. There was a foil packet on top and I was very surprised to see that it contained a baked fish smothered in sesame seeds and chili sauce. It was wonderful!!

We fell into bed about 11:00, meaning that we had been awake for 32 hours and traveling for 29!!!!

One thought on “Traveling — part 2

  1. Y'all have beat my record for time awake without sleep (28 hours for Relay For Life). Glad to hear the journey went without a hitch! Send me an e-mail (or fb post) if you need Chris to cut your grass while you're gone… Alane

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