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Another visit to the local market


After lunch Michael and I walked around the local market that I had visited in March.  We had a fun time taking photos of the various stalls.

One of our favorite interactions was with a little girl about 4 years old.  She walked by us originally and then ran over to her Mom and asked her a question.  Then she ran up to us again and said “He-ll-o”.  We waved and said hello as she smiled from ear to ear.  As we walked off, she waved and said “Bye-Bye”.  It was so cute.

Chicken foot anyone……._5165399 This woman proudly displayed here wares……_5165433 Steamed buns……_5165400 Have a Ham Hock……._5165403

Dont know what it is, but it looks cool……_5165408

Dried lemon slices……_5165410 

These baked goods look good……


Another unknown root vegetable…….


Fried rice noodles……._5165428

We THINK that this is tofu, but it sure looks different….


One thought on “Another visit to the local market

  1. I love those steamed buns. The green things are a type of chives I think. The root vegetable could be Taro. I see it in our supermarket here but have no idea what to do with it.

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