More birds

OK….I know that you are going to get tired of these, but my husband and I are having SO much fun watching and listening to the finches!!!  

Just before this video started, the Mama bird was cleaning up the nest and two of the babies kept poking their heads above the nest edge. ……so cute!!!  When the Dad arrives, he feeds all four of the babies (we have finally determined that there are four) and also feeds Mom.    She is VERY loud during the feeding time.  We can hear them all thru our house and both run to the door when feeding time begins. 


I took this video this morning, right before a cat tried to scale the door and get to the nest.   Fortunately, Michael saw what was going on and shooed it away.  After some thought, we decided to try to find something slick to put over the door so that the cat wouldn’t have anything to climb.  I toodled off to my favorite Lowes store and the salesman helped me to find a sheet of paneling that has a really slick surface.  He cut it to the correct size and we taped it to the front of the door.  So far, no more cats.


By the way, I really am doing a little  bit of sewing and will hopefully post that soon!!

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