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I have been continuing to cover books these last few days.  I plan to take them to Italy when we go in August and give them as gifts to our hosts, so I needed to get moving!!!

For the second book, I wanted to re-d0 the blue challenge quilt that I did a few months ago (original post is here)

First step was to pull out the bits drawer (pieces smaller than 1-1/2  inches) and  search for blue fabrics. _6215707 _6215708  

Second step…..cut a piece of extremely lightweight fusible interfacing.

Next, cut out shapes and place them on the interfacing.   Iron into place.



I failed to photograph the next part, but it included appliquing the white vase and flower and then stitching all of the pieces into place.

When I finished the book, I wasn’t happy with the fabric on the spine.  So, after sleeping on it, I decided to stamp some gold flowers on the fabric and I think that it helped to pull it all together.

Here is the finished product……..




When I was starting the next book, I decided to use some of the fabrics that I had painted many months ago.    I simply did some outline quilting / threadwork on the piece, added a few beads and glued it onto the book.

Here it is……


Looking at this photo, I realize that I dont like the white dots in the center…..I may put some dots of paint on them

3 thoughts on “Books, Books & More Books

  1. The book covers are a great gift idea. I'm always stuck for gifts when we go abroad: something small and light, that says either US or handmade–not easy.

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