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Here I am in London…….



Here I am in Portugal……


In Australia……


In China…….


Now, there is ONE thing that is the same in each of these photos….that’s right, the brown bag.  It has been a wonderful travel bag as it easily holds all of my paraphernalia such as camera, Flip Video Camera, notebook, umbrella, rain jacket, etc.

BUT, I am now officially tired of having EVERY overseas photo of me contain that particular bag.

Since we are getting ready to spend 7 weeks in Italy,  I did some searching online and found a pattern for a bag that I wanted to make.  I dutifully bought the fabric, zippers, clasps and other bits and pieces.  This week I cut out all of the bits, fused some of the interfacing and got ready to sew.


THEN, my daughter said….”why dont you just buy a Messenger Bag”….it would probably have everything that you want, plus it has an adjustable strap that can be worn across your chest or shortened as a purse.   Dont you just hate it when your daughter is right????

Last night I found this bag on Amazon and I really like it.  It is not as colorful as the one I was going to make, but it might be better to have something that blends into the background rather than one that stands out and says “Steal me”!!


It arrives on Monday and if it isn’t what I want, I will probably be out of time and have to resort to the old brown bag…..oh well, there are some good memories associated with it!!!!

So much for trying to do some sewing!!!!

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