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Diary of an Evening Out

Michael and I were invited to go out with Sal who is the one responsible for this trip to Milan and also the one to Naples at the end of our journey.  He told us that he would meet us in the lobby about quarter to seven.

We met him and found that we were waiting for another woman, Elena to join us but that Sal hadn’t heard from her yet.  While we were waiting, several others from the conference also showed up so it was decided that we would all walk over to a conference reception.  Elena hadn’t shown up yet, so we started off without her. 

We walked to the corner where we were supposed to meet with the rest of the conference participants but found that they had already started on the walk to the meeting spot.  So, we started slowly making our way.  We passed the beautiful Duomo and the sun made the spires look like they were made of cream…..it was gorgeous.


My goal for tomorrow is to climb to the roof of this church and enjoy looking at some of these spires up close and personal….more to come on that plan!!

We continued looking around in this area when Sal got a call from Elena saying that she had arrived, so Sal, Michael and I walked back to meet her and then walked back to the hotel so that she could put her stuff down.  She decided to clean up a bit so we sat in the lobby and waited for her.  Instead of continuing on foot, we hailed a taxi and arrived at the reception about 30 minutes late.  

The reward for all of this kafuffle was getting to sip champagne, eat wonderful salami’s and pizza bits and wander around in a small aquarium.  Michael spent most of the evening talking to other scientists while I enjoyed the aquarium.

About 9:30, a group of 9 of us decided to go our for dinner.  We headed out walking, without anyone having a definite place to go.  Finally, one of the women said “I have a map and an I-phone….I will find us a place to eat”….and she did!!

We sat at outside tables at a small Trattoria and had wonderful Pastas and grilled vegetables.  We left there about 11:30 and wound our way back to the hotel.  We got lost a couple of times, but it was fun to see more parts of the city.  Here is the Duomo at midnight….._8256743

We fell into bed about 12:15…..figuring out that it had been 38 hours since we woke up in Watkinsville.  Needless to say, we slept like logs!!!!

Michael has now headed of for his meetings and I am off to explore!!!!

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