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Playing house in Rome

On Tuesday morning we caught a train from Assisi and arrived at Rome Termini station about 2:00pm.  We caught a taxi to our apartment at 137 Via Rasella.    Our apartment is called the “penthouse” and is at the top of THREE long flights of stairs.  I was able to drag/push/shove the heavy suitcase up two of the flights, but pooped out when I hit the final set of stairs which were steeper than the others.  Michael had to come down and carry the suitcase up for me!!!!!
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We met briefly with the Landlord and he gave us the lay of the land.  He then left us to start getting everything organized for the next month.
Our first stop was to a small grocery store  where we picked up some necessities and also the food for our first meal.
Michael started working to set up the kitchen and found this wonderful dish drainer inside the cabinet…….this is a great idea……
I worked in the bedrooms unloading the suitcases and hanging up all of our clothes.  It will be really nice to not live out of a suitcase for the next month!!!
We worked together to figure out how to operate the funky washing machine and then hung the clothes on the clothes dryer, which is basically a clothesline on a stand.
Michael fixed a nice dinner that consisted of a pasta with canned Bolognese sauce and some wonderful sausages.  The meal was finished off with some nice bread and red wine. ……a fun portent of things to come.
The apartment is well laid out and has two bedrooms, one being on yet another level.    _9017488 _9017492
The bathroom is small, and the shower is tiny….you have to turn sideways to get inside of it!!!!

It seems that the floor slants away from the bedroom and into the living room.  If you drop anything round it rolls away quickly.  Our windows look out onto neighboring terraces and down into cute courtyards.
Fortunately, it has good internet and is air conditioned.  We think that this will be a good place to call home for the next month!!!!

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