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The Carrolls arrive

On Wednesday morning I went out to the airport to pick up Roy and Diane as they arrived from the US.  Michael was giving another talk at the University that morning so he couldn’t go with me.

As I said in an earlier post, I think that 6:00 am is the only time that the city of Rome sleeps….well not really sleeps….more like naps!!   There were few people on the street and I was amazed to arrive at the Metro platform to see that it was completely empty…..

_9229234 The reverie didn’t last long as three people walked in right after I took the shot.

Roy and Diane arrived looking fresh and ready to see Rome…..

_9229235 We spent the day doing the usual “arrived on Rome” schedule….walking to the Trevi Fountain, continuing to the Pantheon and another close church and then wandering back to the apartment.

Later in the afternoon we all (Michael included) walked up to Trajan’s forum and enjoyed the views….

_9229263 _9229254 I love how the new buildings mix so well with the old ruins!!!!

We went into the church that is just by Trajan’s Column, expecting it to be yet  another huge church.  Instead, we found a lovely, small chapel…..


I love to look in the very tops of the Cupolas and see what has been painted there.  In this case, there were angels looking down at us…..


We are glad that Roy and Diane have arrived as it has helped to energize us again. It is good to see the city thru their new eyes!!!

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  1. Glad to hear that Michael is feeling better. We've been watching Italian-American movies…this week was Avanti! with Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills. It was a little risque, but portrayed that American “thing” that stands out in foreign countries where folks have the joy of living.

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