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Ancient Rome again

This morning (Saturday) we all visited the Coliseum and Roman Forum again.  This time I was not as interested in photographing the Coliseum as a whole, but tried to focus on cool textures, walls, windows etc.   It was a LOT of fun.  Here are a few of my favorite shots…..

_9259508 _9259519

_9259523 _9259527


It was obvious that this particular cat couldn’t read the sign about not climbing on the structures…..

_9259547 These are a couple of favorite shots as well…..

_9259557 _9259514 We crossed the street from the Coliseum and entered the Roman Forum.  Some people would worry about getting lost, but we didn’t because we had our Rick Steve’s book…..

_9259609 I continued my search for interesting textures and came up with these….


_9259588 _9259613

_9259605We said Good-bye to ancient Rome and headed back to the apartment.  After a wonderful lunch of Pepper cheese, prosciutto, bread and butter, we went out shopping at our favorite clothes store.  Michael bought a pair of nice pants and I got a cute pair of shoes. 

_9259670 Cant wait to wear them but I will NOT wear them here on the cobblestone streets…..

As Diane and I were leaving the store, we saw that something was happening at the end of the block.  Being good “sticky-beaks” (the Australian term for someone who has to know everything that is going on) we walked down for a look.   It ended up being a HUGE  animal rights parade with over 1,000 people and dogs walking thru the street, chanting, blowing whistles and playing music.  We watched for a few minutes, particularly appreciating the blockade of police officers blocking one of the other streets.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera so there are no photos but Diane got a few that I can get later.

After dinner we left the apartment with the idea of getting Gelato and then walking to the Spanish Steps.  Unfortunately it started to rain fairly hard and, as we had all forgotten to bring rain gear, we instead hurried back to the apartment for the evening.

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