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Second verse…same as the first

As I write about Saturday and Sunday, you will note that they are almost identical days….Saturday was so wonderful that we decided to repeat it in its entirety on Sunday.

Both mornings started out with an excellent breakfast…”Mama” is in charge of this aspect of the hotel and she does a wonderful job…


I am especially enjoying the huge Croissants that have a hint of lemon and are dusted with powdered sugar.  Also the fresh fruit each morning is spectacular!!!  Each day we have been entertained by their cat, Billba. 


He stays outside but runs across the window ledge, digs in the plants and peers longingly in the window at the diners.    We feel sure that he has deemed himself the morning  entertainment!!!

Each morning, we put on our swimsuits, grabbed beach towels from the Hotel and descended 340 steps to the beach.  We paid “Fabio” (our name for him, but more about that later) 20 Euros to rent two beach chairs and an umbrella for the day and took our pick of the now empty chairs. 

I LOVE the beach chairs…..they have a cool ledge that you can put up over your face so that it is not in the sun.  It certainly makes reading easier!!!


After we got good and hot, we would stumble over the stony beach and dive into the water and boy was it cold at first.  But once we would  get warmed up it was fun to enjoy the views of the city from the water.  I wish that I could get a camera out there to take photos, but that is not going to happen.

_A030157 _A020108

After the first dip, it was a matter of dry off, heat up, take a dip and repeat!!!!

Now, about Fabio…..he is muscled, super tanned,  has sun streaked hair and he LOVES to wait on people, but only if you are an unaccompanied woman!!!  On the first day Michael asked him for an Espresso and he waved us off and said he was busy and it would have to wait for a while.  He never returned to us, but did serve the lady next to us 2 drinks and a pizza!!!!  We watched with amusement as he worked the crowd of single women.  Oh, and Michael NEVER got his coffee!!

This is the first time that I have been around a European beach and I am amazed at some of the sights.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, most of the women wear Bikinis, however today there were some that were only wearing HALF of a bikini.  I believe that one girl was happily showing off her new acquisitions…clearly they were not original equipment!!!!    There was also one girl who had on a string bikini but unfortunately you couldn’t see the strings for the fat rolls, and one gentleman whose Speedo was hidden by similar appendages!!  Michael and I both felt pretty good about how we looked!!!!

In the afternoon we took a stroll around the town.  As with Capri, it is mostly hotels, restaurants and shops to buy things to bring home with you!!!  I bought a cute shirt and we bought some wonderful pottery that is going to be shipped to our house.


As we walked, we passed  two parking garages just down the road from us…I hadn’t really stopped to think where everybody staying here would park!!!

On Sunday there was a meeting of the “Positano 500”, a group of small Fiat’s.  There were some cool cars…..

_A030174 I had a moment’s consternation that they were actually going to race around the winding road, but apparently it is only a meeting to show off their cars.  As I write this I can hear them leaving the city, all tooting their little horns  and sounding as if they are having a wonderful time. 

We walked along the dock and saw this wonderful jelly fish floating in the water.  As we started taking photos a crowd gathered to view one of God’s truly amazing creatures…..


On both days, we split a Panini from the local grocery store and enjoyed a bag of M&Ms too.  Now about M&M’s here….in the US, they are all pretty much the same size and the colors are vibrant primary colors.  In Italy, they are all different sizes and the colors are much more muted.  They taste the same, but look entirely different!!

On Saturday night we walked across the street and had an excellent dinner……._A040208 ….that consisted of a super thin grilled steak, fried potatoes, salad with oil and Balsamic vinegar, appetizer and dessert.  We started talking to our waiter and he gave us a free glass of Limon Cello to end our meal.  We enjoyed it so much that we went back again on Sunday and had basically the same meal again, but we split it so that we weren’t quite as full at the end of the day.

So, thus ends our time in Positano.    We loved our stay in Palazzo Talamo and would suggest it to anyone traveling to Positano…


Tomorrow we travel to Naples to experience yet another wonderful part of Italy!!!

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