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Frances is doing handwork????

Say it isn’t so!!!!!

Yes, I have finally become tired of not having anything to do with my hands while Michael and I are watching TV at night.  Many times I sit with my computer in my lap but it is so easy to get so completely engrossed in what I am doing that I lose the time with my husband, not to mention that it is almost impossible to concentrate on whatever we are watching.

I was sitting at my local quilt shop and saw this cute pattern….

6102QZQauOL._SS500_ ……and simply couldn’t resist it!!!

I know the basics of doing applique but it is obvious that I need to refine my technique. 

For the first block, I cut the pieces out of freezer paper, used starch to fold the raw edges under and then hand-stitched them to the background.  So far this has worked fairly well, and hopefully I will get better at rounding the corners smoothly!!!!

Here is the first block……


I am thinking about making 4 or 9 of these, piecing them into a small wall hanging and then using my new found beading skill to add interest (and maybe hide a few flaws).

More to come!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Frances is doing handwork????

  1. Rounded edges…now that's my kind of applique! It's those pointy parts where you have to put a 1/4 inch of fabric into an 1/100th inch area of space that make me crazy.

  2. That certainly doesn't look like the work of a novice. it is lovely. I really like the colour of the background, it sets of the design so well.

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