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Quilt From a Friend….


Two years ago my friend, Pat Kools, passed away.  Since Pat was so active in the Charity work of our guild, her children decided to give us a bunch of her quilts that we could either use as charity quilts or sell and put the money towards the charity projects.

I was fortunate to purchase one at our last quilt show…..


This simple little piece is hand appliqued and hand quilted,  but there is very little quilting on it.

My original thought was to add a lot of quilting in the background, but as I hung it up to photograph I realized that it hadn’t been basted well enough and that it would never hang flat.

SO….now I am thinking about taking out all of the quilting, re-baste it and start over with hand quilting and possibly add some beads as well.

We are spending 5 weeks in China later this year and I believe that it will be the piece that I take with me. 

I am looking forward to working on this piece and will enjoy fond memories of my friend!!!

3 thoughts on “Quilt From a Friend….

  1. Great idea, taking it on a trip! I was just thinking today that I couldn't possibly take a quilt project on vacation with me–“hand quilting” apparently wasn't in my vocabulary. 🙂

  2. It is a lovely quilt and you are right to take out the quilting and to re-do it. Something of yourself into a shared memory of your friend.

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