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Magazine Clean-out

After the Fiber Frenzy meeting that I talked about in the last post, I started thinking about my quilting “voice”.  I believe that I have developed two different, but harmonious voices with my quilting.

Firstly I LOVE scrap quilts, particularly the piecing of them.  I love the way that you can select a pattern and fabrics and then simply sew….sew….sew.   No thinking, no planning, just putting pieces together and sewing!!!

Now, the second part of my quilting voice cannot just sew and sew….it needs lots of thinking, planning and experimentation.  The quilts found in this voice are often based on photographs.  This is the voice that I want to work on and try to improve!!!

In thinking about  all of this, I realized that the shelves of my bookcase do not reflect the importance of the artistic side of my quilting.   I had tons of old magazines, mostly “Quilter’s Newsletter” and “Miniature Quilts” dating back to the 1980’s.  As I started looking thru these, I realized that there were very few ideas that I would ever use anymore. 

SO…..as I flipped thru them, I tore out the page or two that still appealed to me….mostly scrap patterns. 


‘Then I bundled up the magazines in groups of 25-35 and put them away to be taken to the “Yard Sale” of the Lake Oconee Quilter’s Group.

_3161981 …..there are about 250 magazines here!!!!

So, now there is plenty of room for my “Quilting Arts” and “American Quilter” magazines, along with a whole shelf that can be devoted to my recent art quilt book purchases!!!!


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  1. I recently took a load of similar magazines to my quilt group meeting where the proceeds go to the group funds. It certainly is lovely to know that they are being appreciated by someone and that I have space on my shelves.

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