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Journal Fever

I have recently joined a newly formed group called “Fiber Frenzy”.  Our idea is to have a limited number of members and to focus on the more artsy side of quilting.  The first two meetings were in the weeks leading up to the Quilt Show so I couldn’t attend, but I truly enjoyed the last meeting. 


We were a small group this time….only 6 of us and the topic was “Journaling”.  Deb H. directed our discussion and brought some wonderful points to the table.  Here is the synopsis of her thoughts…..

Determine what you want to use your “journal” for.

Examples:  writing in order to process who you are as an artist /quilter;  writing to work out ideas;  keeping track of quilts in process (also known as UFO’s);  drawing out ideas; project planning such as drafts plus fabric swatches plus;  doodling (good for future quilting designs and for getting the creative juices flowing), etc.; tracking teaching specifics if you are going to use a project to teach from.

Determine what kind of “journal” suits you.

Examples:  pieces of paper stapled together, fancy “store bought” journals; sketch books from art supply places; cute little notebooks to carry with you to capture thoughts on the run; steno pads; inexpensive composition notebooks.

The presentation led to an interesting conversation about our preferred processes for our creative work.  Some like the idea of using a written journal to process their ideas and/or specific creative projects.  Some liked using something less formal such as a sketch book or loose paper.  Some said “don’t write, just do”.  Some like using words to think thru a subject or an idea and some disliked “involving” words at all.

Interestingly, many were “afraid” of fancy journals as they did not want to “dirty up” the pages of something fancy and or expensive .  There was a hesitation to put down on paper in a fancy journal ideas that are only partially thought out.  Many much preferred the idea of doodling on scrap paper!  It was also noted that blogging is one way of keeping a journal .


Deb added this addendum in an email……”I just can’t help mentioning:   the connection between having concerns about our confidence and our unwillingness to mess up a fancy journal seem to leap off the page to me!!!  I say – everybody go get a really fancy journal or notebook  and go make the biggest mess you can – using permanent markers and ink and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just go for it!”



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