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The journey begins…..

We are currently sitting in SEATAC airport in Seattle, Washington and have FREE Wi-Fi…..I already love this place!!!!

We left the house at 7:00am with Brian and Amber driving us to the Atlanta airport.  Our flight boarded pretty much on time.  We were disappointed because there had been an equipment change and we lost of “Exit Row” seats, but it was still an ok flight.  The plane had Satellite TV so I watched Law and Order and MIB while we flew.

We arrived at SEATAC and immediately started looking for a board to check where our next flight left from.  It was apparently too early for it be on the board so Michael turned around to find someone to ask.  Low and behold, the gate just behind us was the one that we needed.  How often does it ever happen that you come in at S-2 and fly out of S-3……certainly NEVER when you have a fast connection!!!

We have had lunch….a wonderful Cheeseburger from a small Grill.  Probably the best airport food that we have had in a long time!!!

We are watching CNN Airport News and I just saw a great story about women who are making quilts for injured soldiers.  I teared up when they showed the quilt being presented to the soldier!!!

SO….free Wi-Fi  and a power points….guess it is time to do some blog reading!!!!

Next stop….Beijing  in about 16 hours!!!!

One thought on “The journey begins…..

  1. Have a great trip, it certainly seems to have started well. My quilt group have been making quilts for out=r injured soldiers and one of the organisers received a lovely thank you letter from a 19 year old recipient. It moved us all to tears.

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