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Last Friday I was in the studio audience for a new video-cast that is originating from our local public library.
The Library and one of our local art centers has received a grant to set up a program for “Boomers”…..those of us born between 1946 and 1964.  As part of this program they are presenting programs and activities that relate to this particular age group.  Most of these are being done as a live Video-Cast and then the recording is available on line for all to see.

The first speaker was local quilter, Elizabeth Barton who spoke about how she uses gravel and photographs to inspire the wonderful quilts that she makes.  Elizabeth is internationally known for her wonderful art quilts, with many appearing in books, magazines and on the walls of some famous buildings.

She writes an excellent blog….check it out here….

Her talk was filled with photos and resulting quilts and is well worth checking out.  You can see it here….
I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

AND,  for MY big news…  I have just signed up to attend a week-long workshop at Arrowmount School of Arts & Crafts, with Elizabeth Barton teaching!!!  Here is the description of the class that I will be taking…..

Arashi is a Japanese technique that yields beautiful wave-like markings and stripes on fabric. Dyes are pre-mixed into solutions and yields gorgeous colors in tye-dyed patterns. Utilize your stunning fabrics in a quilt design. Beginners may focus on simple, traditional quilts while more advanced students channel their energies into more complex custom designs. Plenty of individual instruction will help you move forward on your quilt journey. You’ll leave with a wonderful quilt and yards of fabulous fabric.

Doesn’t this sound like FUN….cant wait for October to get here!!!!

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